My story begins with my father’s old Zenith camera, which was kept on top of the bookshelf. Whenever I was left alone at home I was playing with it. I remember my father always with his camera on his hand. It was so sad we had to leave most of our photographs and that camera along with our many other belongings behind us while emigrating from Bulgaria to Turkey. But that never stopped him taking photos until he passed away at his young age of 34. Years later while this emotional and traumatic experience caused me to turn to photography, it was also reflected in my artistic expression.

I am working on memory, belonging and those left behind. I follow memories, whose fate is to fade away, and which can never be repeated in terms of existence and question the memory and rebuild it.

I am using alternative photography printing techniques and experimental darkroom printing as a form of artistic expression and not searching for perfect image. It’s all about destiny, accident and coincidence. I am experiencing experience. Something “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete”.